If Only I Could Feel the Pain

If Only I Could Feel the Pain of Sin

I am pleased to join The Glorious Table’s series on holinessBecause of grace, we often miss the pain of sin. What if we could feel the pain it caused?

What if I Could Feel the Pain of sin

I don’t think about my ring-finger toe much anymore. The pinky toe guards it, so it doesn’t get rubbed by too-tight shoes. Tucked safely away from the oft-stubbed big toe, it’s spared from my clumsy steps. But one season I thought of my unassuming digit almost constantly throughout the day.

I walked down the slope of my front yard wearing pink, rubber clogs (reserved only for yard work, in case you’re worried about my fashion sense). I planted my foot atop a sweet gum ball, also known as pokey balls around my house. My weight and momentum culminated in an uncontrolled slide inside my clog. My innocent toe slammed into the toe box and cracked.

I work in rehab, so I knew the fix for my broken toe was rest and time. I buddy taped it to keep it straight. I stuck to comfortable shoes. Instead of pounding out miles on the treadmill, I opted for less joint impact on the stationary bike. Even with all my adjustments, my toe hurt every day. Until it healed, it was always on my mind.

Pain demands attention. It’s a gift, really. Without pain we wouldn’t realize we need rest, medicine, or a change in our behavior. When pain results from a misstep like mine, one wrong move shifts your focus to an insignificant body part.

Because of grace, we often miss the pain of our sin. While on the cross, Jesus endured unimaginable suffering on our behalf. He accepted the punishing pain of our sin so we could know freedom from it. With the price paid, we get to go on our merry way.

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Photo courtesy of The Glorious Table (Adam Griffith, used with permission).