Could Your Problem Actually Be Your Provision?

What can God do through our difficult circumstances?

Our natural tendency is to view difficult circumstances as problems. My two-year-old son recently had thrush. It was a huge problem. He developed nasty sores in his mouth resulting in painful screams each time he tried to eat or drink. He stood in front of the pantry crying, “Hungry, hungry!” but as soon as a bite touched his tongue, he cried out in pain, “Hurt, hurt!” He opened his mouth really wide and ask me to kiss it. How I wished my kiss could make it all go away.

During this week of pain and tears, he was unable to take his pacifier (which he lovingly called “pap”). In the months prior, I’d wrestled with an exit strategy for his pap. I only allowed pap at naptime and bedtime, but he had begun to ask for it throughout the day. It was time to say farewell to pap.

I couldn’t bear the idea of my boy crying through naps and bedtime as I tried to break the pap habit. And now, here we were, in the middle of non-stop crying, with no desire on his part for his pap. At the close of day two, I realized my problem was actually my provision. We’d already endured two pap-free days. The hardest part of taking away his pacifier was over before I realized it had begun.

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  1. This is so true! We have had God use unexpected things before in our lives to answer prayers we had prayed…(and sometimes almost didn’t connect the dots until much time had passed and then the AHA moment would come!) God bless and hope the pain passes quickly for your little darling.

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