Proverbs for Kids

An introduction to an open, ongoing letter to my children.

I have always admired the silvery hair that frames the soft, lined faces of older men and women.  It is like a shining crown of wisdom atop their head.  Sit and talk to one of these royals and you will find they are, indeed, full of wisdom.  The lessons they have learned through success and failure are etched in their heart like the deep lines around their eyes.

I am getting some of those shoots of wisdom in my dark hair.  But, I don’t feel wise, yet.  I look to the book of Proverbs to help me along the way.  As I read and study, there are so many bits of wisdom that I want to share with you.

Your journey to become an adult will be filled with your own successes and failures.  My prayer is, as we journey through the Book of Wisdom together, you will find your failures few as your wise choices increase.

King Solomon tells us the purpose behind his Book of Wisdom (Proverbs 1:1-7):

Wisdom.  Wisdom is the foundation for decisions.  Like the souvenirs you bring home from our family vacations, wisdom is a collection of all you have experienced and all you know.

Discipline.  You may think of discipline as that thing we do at the end of misbehavior.  In this passage, discipline is the will to get something done.  It means making the right choice, even when it is hard.

Instruction.  When we work together in the kitchen, we follow a recipe to make sure we end up with a tasty meal.  Proverbs are a recipe for life; they teach you the right way to go so you are happy with the way things turn out.

Discretion. Discretion is the ability to make the right choice.  It is knowing right from wrong.

Guidance.  Proverbs is not a road map, but a compass.  It will help you make decisions, know the difference between right and wrong, and strengthen your ability to choose the right path.

Sometimes the Bible seems like a book for grown ups.  There are parts that are hard to understand.  Proverbs is different.  Proverbs is for kids.  I want you to have all of those things that King Solomon wanted for his children.  Then, when you are out in the wide, wild world, you will know the paths to take.  Wisdom will be your guide.

Proverbs 1:7

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