Is Real Life Getting in the Way of Your Big Dreams?

Is Real Life Getting in the Way of Your Big Dreams?

Do you dream big dreams about making a difference in the world? Maybe you see yourself behind a podium delivering a message that makes a crowd laugh, cry, and run to Jesus. Your dream may involve bandaging wounds or ladling soup for the sick and hungry in a developing country. You may quietly hope your pastor will choose you to head up an exciting new program at your church. My own dream includes my name on the cover of a book.

Maybe, like me, you dream your big dreams and take steps to make them a reality. We spend time in prayer and study, network with influential people, and sign up for that mission trip. Our goals for the new year include benchmarks of success—tangible signs that our visions may someday become a reality. Right now, sitting at my keyboard is one way I work toward my goals.

The sounds of two arguing children shake me from my wide-awake dreaming. I leave my keyboard to capture a teachable moment. After I expose the deeper issues behind the conflict and elicit apologies, a pile of dirty laundry catches my attention. I walk my daughters through the steps of washing clothes, knowing they will need this skill one day. Then I find my son on top of the kitchen counter, trying to reach the basket of special treats. I rescue him and teach him the three-year-old version of “children, obey your parents.”

You know my story well because it’s probably similar to your own. Real life can get in the way of big dreams. By the time I manage my home and parent my children, I come back to a blank screen without the energy I need to fill the page with words of wisdom.

So much for the dream.

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  1. Real life can get in the way of big dreams. Love that truth. But the reality is that God can always redirect us back if it’s His will that those dreams work themselves out into our reality! Great post!

  2. Heading over to the Table to read the rest!

  3. Love the reminder to dream big but to love and serve the people in front of us, Kelly.
    I look forward to reading your book one day, sweet friend. xoxo

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