Can a Regular Mama Spend Her Day Like Jesus?

Can a Regular Mama Spend Her Day Like Jesus-

Mama, do you ever feel like your daily routines are so far removed from the way Jesus spent his days and the way he wants us to spend our days? The gospels are full of Jesus’ miracles, wise words, and unending kindness. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes the only thing in my day that resembles the Jesus I read about is saying a blessing over our meal and washing feet—little, dirty, baby feet.

Since day one of this blessed summer break, I awake with a list of ideas that would make each day wonderful. A bucket list for the perfect day, if you will. Each day has roughly sixteen hours to fill with awesomeness. I wake up ready to tackle my list.

First on my list is quiet time. I want to reflect, pray, and read my Bible in peace. It is my happy place. But I end up problem-solving some issues with my husband over a cup of coffee. I am in this conversation in body, but my spirit longs to cozy up with my mug-o-Joe and my Jesus. I settle into my seat and decide to be present. I am needed. That draws me in, calling me to be in this place where need meets provision.

A tidy home is perpetually on that list of mine. With a broken dishwasher at my hip and suds up my forearms, I wonder how to make it all happen. I ask my girls to pick a few things they can do to help. My girls turn into heroes. They grab gloves and wipes and serve without complaint. Suddenly, the shoes scattered by the front door don’t matter so much.

One thing not on my bucket list for today is spending extra time in my car while the hot Alabama sun assaults me through the window. But my sweet Sarah asks to go to Lifeway to sign up for their scripture memory and reading program. It’s a “yes” that only costs me time and the skin on the back of my legs when they hit the dark leather of my car seat. Two hours later, she has her first verse memorized. She asks me what it means for the Word to be both God and with God. I stir chocolate icing and explain the Trinity and glory and Word becoming flesh.

All day, I try to sit down and write this post—a post about bucket lists and how we chase adventure and fulfillment while Jesus chased service and sacrifice. But kids wake early and want to curl up in my lap, filling all of the space between me and my keyboard. My words go in a different direction. “Did you have a good sleep? What did you dream about?” Then it’s errands, a no sleeping nap time, and some family TV time.

You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.

Now that I am finally able to sit and write about the way Jesus fulfilled His bucket list on earth, I realize I don’t have it in me to look up verses and find phrases that inspire. I lament over my day that was so much what I didn’t want it to be. Here, in the should have’s and would have’s, I find that I did, in fact, check off the items on the bucket list that really matter.

To love and serve when needed.

To provide comfort and care to those in my charge.

To serve and teach others to serve.

To instruct as I walk, talk, ride, cook.

To give my life for another.

A mother’s day of giving and giving is a kind of death. It’s a death to self. It is the death of my ideal day. It’s a death I am ready to die again tomorrow.

We may feel like our days look nothing like Jesus’ days. If we take a minute to review the way we live and love, we may find that we are checking off that Jesus-inspired bucket list a little every day.

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  1. A perfect picture of a perfect day in the life of a really great mom. Well done, mama!!

  2. You amaze me. I absolutely love how you can take simple topics and spin a web full of Jesus and His love and have it be so impactful. I was brought to tears reading this post. Truly gifted my friend.

  3. I also found myself not wanting material items and such on my list as I wrote mine. A nice little reminder of “More of you, less of me” song lyric. Thanks for the loving reminder today.

  4. Love how you tied what we often feel like isn’t checking things off our bucket list into tangible and important moments. I am working on also trying be present and realizing those moments are even more important sometimes. Thanks for the reminder, Kelly! #FridayFive

  5. This is beautiful Kelly! It’s so hard to remember in the midst of the crazy that we are doing what God called us to do as mothers! That Lifeway program sounds cool! What a great opportunity to bring more scripture into the conversation.

  6. Loved every word of this post. Thanks for powerful reminders that we all need. Blessings, Lynn

  7. Love this – an honest and true day in the life of a mom who longs to be with Jesus and write a lot but can’t always be at the keyboard every time a thought pops in her head. I say Amen to this whole post – thanks for sharing and hosting the linkup!

  8. This is the life I live, too. I want to write. I want to research. I want in my Bible often. Instead I’m rendered to the couch nursing my baby boy. I am discussing genies, princesses, and babies with my daughter. My oldest son needs me to marvel at his latest Lego creation. The house is a cluttered mess. I will continue to look the kids in the eyes as long as they let me.

    • No one else on earth can do what you do for those three blessings sitting at your feet and in your lap. You are their Word right now. Keep being a light for them!

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