Reasons We Want to Relive a Day and What to Do About it Today

Reasons We Want to Relive a Day and What to Do About it Today

My kids help me stay up-to-date with what the cool kids have on their playlist these days. One of the songs they introduced me to is twenty one pilots’ “Stressed Out.” It’s a bit of a whiny song for this up-and-coming generation, but one of the lines stuck with me.

Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days,
When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.

Most days come and go without any fanfare. Alarm clock ringing, time clock punching, dinner cooking, television flashing. “Wake up! You need to make money. Yo!” (another line from this song I [sort of] don’t like). Sometimes we just want to walk away from the stress and go back in time. It could be to re-enjoy an unusually joyful day or because we want the opportunity to make a better choice.

As I considered the days I might like to live again for this #FridayFive, I uncovered five reasons we want to relive a day and what to do about it today.

Friday Five

Fun Days

We wish bad days away. But the fun ones? It would be nice if we could put them on repeat. I wouldn’t mind stepping back in time to be my seven-year-old self again. No particular day, just the ordinary—playing in the dirt with Matchbox cars, imagining super powers and danger, eating Little Debbies without concern for calories. My adult self rarely releases responsibility enough to have fun. Even the fun moments are clouded by what I think I should be doing.

I can’t return to those fun days, but I can try to release my self-imposed do-it-all pressure and embrace the fun I find today.


Respond to God's Word

Poignant Days

Poignant days sometimes come and go without notice. We don’t realize how significant they are until the moment passes. The last day I spent with my Grandma before cancer took her mind and body. The day I came up from the baptismal waters to walk a new life. The last family hugs of my youth—before I drove away to college, marriage, and adulthood. I want to go back and feel those emotions again.

I can’t step back in time to experience those poignant days again, but I can write about the poignancy of today so I will never forget.


Do Over Days

We collect regrets on the hidden shelves or our mind. Given the chance to do it all again, we would make a different choice. I wouldn’t want to relive all of my high school days, but I would like a chance to un-say hurtful things. I cringe at the memories of the mean girl I was at times. I have been shown such grace for it,  not only from God but also those who felt the sting of my words.

I cannot un-say hurtful words, but I can carefully consider the impact of my words before I speak them today.


Intimate Days

In the rush of life, I often trade relationship-building for task completion. I would like to step back to a time when love was fresh and of utmost importance. How thrilling to feel the butterflies of new love again! I could also use a reminder of the flood of connection and tears as I held my babies, still shining with new birth.

The days of new love are gone, but today is a day to cherish the ones I have loved for so long.


Reasons We Want to Relive a Day and What to Do About it Today

Peaceful Days

Being the introvert I am, quiet days call to me from the past. I fondly remember sitting on a rock somewhere in Little River Canyon, the rush of the water over rock singing to me, and having a moment with God. I would love to go back a few weeks even when I sat on my deck with the new spring sun on my face and words on my fingertips.

While the peace of yesterday is gone, God offers peace and rest today if only I would stop and sit with Him a while.


We can’t turn back time. It is good to remember the beauty and learn from the hard times. In all the reminiscing and remembering, let’s not neglect today, this moment right here. Claim it. Savor it. And share it.


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  1. Lindsey Feldpausch April 22, 2016 at 5:16 am

    Such lovely reflections.

  2. When I thought about this topic, all I could think about were days that I wished I had done differently. That, at least, is a good reminder for the future. I love your categories. I agree–It’s good to try to recognize these days when they are here rather than wish they were back.

  3. I so appreciate and enjoy your take on these. I love the different days you described.

  4. Love this beautiful perspective. And yes…all of these are reasons I would want to relive a day! Thanks for hosting another wonderful #FridayFive!

  5. Kelly – I like the variety of do-over days you talked about in your post. I think most people tend to want to relive the do over bad days, or the fun days.. I hadn’t really thought about the others – so you got me thinking about them this Monday morning and yes, I totally would want do-over days for them as well. Your neighbor at #LifeGivingLinkUP

  6. My son listens to 21 Pilots, and I think I have every line of that song memorized! I agree that we often look back to those days for a variety of reasons, yet our hope is found in discovering the joy of today! I’m encouraged by your post today:) I love this thought: God offers peace today, if only I would stop and sit with Him a while. Yes!

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