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The interweb can be a wonderful thing. It is information at your fingertips! My husband is the king of utilizing its power to grow his library of useless facts. Once his curiosity is peaked,  he is off to engage with Wiki and Google to chase information like Alice down the hole. His most recent searches involved yellow jackets, Marcia Gay Harden (thank you, Kimmy Schmidt!), and baby rabbits.

I, however, am drawn to articles and sites about parenting, marriage, writing, and home life. I remember the day I found the “save link” feature on Facebook. Where have you been all my life?! And then I found the “send to my reading list” feature on Twitter. Now I have a way to store all of the interesting things I want to read, but don’t have the time during a quick scroll.

I am joining my friend, Beth Walker, over at Lessons from the Sidelines for a Save This Link Roundup! Here are a few clicks that I think are save-worthy.

Legacy Collective

Legacy Collective is a ministry founded by Brandon and Jen Hatmaker. It is an effort to pool resources from a lot of caring people to affect worthwhile ministries. It will enable them to do the good work they are called to do. Their three focus areas are among those close to my own heart: the orphan, the homeless, and child trafficking. We can’t all be in the fight, but we can all give something. Ten dollars a month is not much unless it is multiplied. Then it becomes everything for that child or family desperate for hope.

What if I joined a different movement, one that was less enticed by luxuries and more interested in justice? What if I believed every dollar spent is vital, a potential soldier in the war on inequality? (Jen Hatmaker)

 I Am Not Perfect

One of my favorite encouragers in life is Andrea Stunz, keeper of Empty Plate Full Heart. You may have met her when she guest posted a few weeks ago. She has a genuine heart that seeks truth and honesty with just the right amount of caution and bravery. Her latests post, I Am Not Perfect, hit me in the heart. I know about trying to follow the rules and feeling holy. And completely imperfect.

What I’ve come to discover is that perfectionism is at its core is fear. Perfectionism is performance-based. Perfectionism is a lie from the depths of hell. (Andrea Stunz)


Wild In the Hollow

Amber C. Haines does things with words that make sparks fly from your gut and ignite your heart with holy flame. Her first book is in my hand and will stay there until the last page. I am honored to be on her launch team and highly recommend you click through to her page and try out her words in this post. Then stop by and read the first chapter of her book. Then, you will want to go here and order your own copy.

Wild in the Hollow is when you sense the presence of that wind-wild God, that sometimes unexpected feeling of home, of hearing and of being heard at once. Every metaphor points to Christ. Let’s open our eyes and our ears to Him in the world around us. (Amber C. Haines)

Breaking Bad: the Middle School Musical

And, since it’s Friday, a little fun is in order! My girls love Rhett and Link. I have followed them since their Cullman Liquidation commercial several years ago. We have breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights while we sit around with the girls to catch up on Good Mythical Morning and replay our old favorites. This video had my husband and I rolling! (RSS and email subscribers will need to click through to the page to watch.)

If you have a “save that link” you want to share, comment below. I am always looking for valuable content, helpful posts, and a good laugh!

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  1. I hadn’t discovered “send to my reading list”! Thanks for the tip! 🙂 Great links to explore too. Thanks for posting.

  2. “One of my favorite encouragers in life is Andrea Stunz, keeper of Empty Plate Full Heart.” ~ Mine too! Just found you via a link she sent me about this cool thing you guys do each Friday. Excited to read more along the way.

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