Scatter Kindness with the #5dollardash

Scatter Kindness with the #5dollardash

Have you seen the latest challenge working its way around Facebook? In the spirit of The Ice Bucket Challenge, the #5dollardash arrived on World Kindness Day (November 13). I took the challenge and went live on Facebook to share.

It was so exciting to be a part of a coordinated kindness attack!

Karen Ehman’s newest book, Listen, Love, Repeat: Others-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World, helps readers get a handle on scattering kindness in their day-to-day lives. We encounter people in need of an act of kindness every day. She explains:

I once heard it said that Jesus’ real ministry was the person he found standing in front of him. Who is that for you today? Rather than trying to do something grand for God, perhaps we need to embrace the obscure instead. To stop trying to be profound or important and instead just be obedient. To quickly and humbly obey when we feel God calling us to engage with another or to cheer and hearten a weary soul. Are you willing to mimic the behavior of Jesus?

The #5dollardash is a fun and easy way to encourage someone in need of a heart cheer. I chose my friend Eve. She and her family experienced a lot of loss over the past year, but she holds onto her joy through it all. She gives the best bear hugs, even when her heart is sad. The gift is supposed to be anonymous, but Eve tuned in as I dashed to her door. How fun!

Some kindness scatterers selected anonymous recipients. Author Karen Ehman and her husband Todd stopped by their first house for her #5dollardash. My friend Lindsey Feldpausch stepped up the disguise and went totally anonymous with her #5dollardash. These videos are so much fun to watch! Search #5dollardash on Facebook and experience the feel good goosebumps. You will want to grab your sunglasses and get started.


Here are the instructions for the #5dollardash:

I have to:

1. Wear sunglasses. 😎
2. Anonymously give an encouraging card and $5 to someone.
3. Leave it at their front 🚪 door. Knock and dash! 👟
4. Record 📽the whole thing on FB📱LIVE! (To share the joy!)
5. Copy and paste this status. Challenge three friends! 🗣🗣🗣

This #challenge is SO fun! 🎉We are hoping to sweep the internet with individuals who are giving a little bit of their time 🕰and a small amount of cash to bless someone else!

Will you join us and #giveitforward? Let’s #scatterkindness! 😄 This could be amazing! It could be epic! It could be a small act that has a HUGE impact! 🌤 Please participate by sharing, liking, commenting or by doing a #5dollardash yourself!!!
❤️ #ListenLoveRepeat ❤️ #worldkindnessday


After a hard week, we are in a kindness deficit. Do something about it with the #5dollardash.Click To Tweet

After one of the hardest weeks in our nation’s recent history, we are in a kindness deficit, especially on social media. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could replace all the finger pointing with hugs? Could we click “like” on videos of people running on sidewalks to show kindness instead of marching in the street to protest? Maybe your #5dollardash video will go viral, replacing yet another negative article in someone’s news feed. We can do this, friends!


“Even simple acts of service and offerings of time can have a monumental effect in the life of another.” (Karen Ehman)




Stop by and post a link to your #5dollardash in the comments. I’d love to see your kind heart in action!

It’s your turn to Listen, Love, Repeat!

(Be sure to grab a copy of Karen’s book. You will love her gentle tone, practical tips, and inspiring stories! You can read more about Listen, Love, Repeat here.)


Photo credit: Listen, Love, Repeat Launch Team.

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  1. Oh my gosh this is so cute! I love it!!

  2. Cute video;) “Even simple acts of service and offerings of time can have a monumental effect in the life of another.” I love this quote Kelly! This is at the core of who Jesus desire us to be as His children. May we show unconditional love to everyone like He shows us. I hope you have a fantastic week and may God bless you and yours.

  3. I’m up for this challenge…love it!!!

  4. Ah! I love this idea! And the sunglasses just make it seem more ninja-esque! 😉

  5. What an adorable idea on how to share the love of Christ. So cute!!

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