Seek and Find

How to seek and find God

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jer. 29:13, NIV)

“Mama, find me!” my little brown-haired boy exclaims as he runs through the house. I hear the muted pat-pat-pat of his socked feet against the hardwood floors. Our house isn’t very big, so I take my time walking from room to room. I teasingly call out, “Is he in here? No. In here? No.” Giggles spill out from behind the clothes in my closet. “Gotcha!”

Now, the house is eerily quiet. I should hear sounds of Batman knocking over bad guys or cars shooting down the racing ramp. The silence earns my full attention. I look in all the usual places when I notice the back door is ajar.

A feeling of panic starts small in the pit of my stomach. A tiny flash of horrible possibilities sparks into a flame of worry. Instead of the teasing meander of our hide-and-seek game, I am in a mad dash out the door. My eyes scan the yard; the latch to the gate is slightly out of place. As I make my way around the house, I see my tiny son standing in the big, wide world.

He’s at the edge of our driveway talking to a stranger who’s out for her daily neighborhood stroll. Panic turns to relief (with a little embarrassment) as I rush down the slope of our driveway to collect my Houdini child. No teasing “gotcha” for this man-child. He gets a gentle but firm scolding to never, ever, ever go outside without me.

A household game of hide-and-seek is casual with low stakes. A missing three-year-old who is braver than he is wise is dangerous. Mama’s search for her son is very different in these two scenarios.

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  1. Loved this Kelly! We cannot completely be seeking if we don’t fully give him our hearts. Thanks for this reminder today!

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