Service: “Have To” or “Get To”?

The Glorious Table

I frequent a certain fast food chain and always order a number one with lemonade. It doesn’t matter who takes my order, the transaction always ends with, “It’s my pleasure.” The cashier always wears a smile, and I sense he or she truly enjoys serving me that chicken sandwich on a buttery bun.

I encounter the same kind of smile at church. Mrs. Rita opens the door for my family almost every Sunday. She always smiles and offers a kind greeting. She gives my son a high-five, and she gives me a hug. She seems to enjoy making others feel welcome.

We should enjoy serving the Lord, but all too often, service becomes drudgery. We volunteer at church because we feel obligated. Tradition, too, sometimes dictates the ways we choose to serve God. We fill in the gaps because no one else will. We give our time because it seems like the Christian thing to do. The “If I don’t do it, who will?” mentality draws us in, and we find ourselves serving outside of our gifts and talents.

I found myself in the “have to” position on more than one occasion. I stay late to clean up when my family and my body really need me to rest. I add my name to every sign-up sheet to ensure there are enough people to help. I sometimes find myself in Bible studies simply because that’s what God-girls do—we go to Bible studies. I feel guilty for saying “no” to anything that could be classified as serving God.

What if we started releasing the “have to” serve and started looking for the “get to” serve?

Serving God doesn’t have to be grueling, tiresome work. It is possible to actually enjoy serving God. In fact, we can not only enjoy it but also find delight in it. God grants us gifts we can and should use to serve him. He must cherish the moments in which our soul delights in serving him with those gifts.


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