Simplified Goals for August

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August ushers in a new sense of beginnings. Fresh notebooks line the shelves, eager to record facts and fantasies. Shoes gleam white, ready for the marks of adventure to appear on their surface. Children’s eyes light with anticipation for the start of a new school year.

August is also a month of goal-setting. Whether we write them down or not, we have goals for this academic year. We will pack lunches the night before. We will do homework before Xbox. We will not sign up to coordinate the school’s Fall Festival again.

At the start of each month, I review my yearly goals and select a few bite-size pieces to focus on during the month.  At the start of each week, I break down the monthly goals into actionable steps. I have my goals in front of me all week in myTools4Wisdom planner.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to write down goals for you and your family for this month of transition from the lazy days of summer to the school days of fall.

setting mid-year goals

July Goals

My overall goal in July is to savor. Savor my family. Savor friendships. Savor the creative process. July was so hectic! I had to narrow my focus and punt a few goals. I do not consider this failure; it is wisdom. Your attention can only be divided so many times before you become utterly ineffective!

1.  Memorize 2 new verses; review previous verses. (Psalm 63:1, Luke 1:48)
2.  Sleep 7 hours a night; turn screens off by 8 pm. (Will I ever meet this goal?!!)
3.  Exercise 3-4 x week. (I missed this goal for the first time this year. A broken toe, new work schedule, and a weekend conference threw me for a loop. No excuses! Lace up those shoes and get back out there!)
4.  Read 2 books.

This Month’s Reading List

Sleep It Does the Family Good: How Busy Families Can Overcome Sleep Deprivation, Arch Heart. Now I know why and how; I just have to do it!

Wild in the Hollow, Amber C. Haines. Poetry in prose. Raw and real. Find the first chapter here.

1. Weekly movie night; monthly date night. (In the chaos that was July, intentional connection faded. August is our anniversary month, so I hope to make up for lost time!)
2. 1:1 time with each daughter. (Time in the beauty shop with my eldest; the middle child got left out. Yikes!)
3. Read aloud 1-2 book with the girls. (Started but not complete.)

1. Declutter 365 challenges. (I didn’t even do a single challenge. Something had to give in July!)
2. Help the kids get their pictures and memory calendars up-to-date. (nope)
3. Teach the girls home management skills. (We did make progress on this one! Not as much as I would like, but I can leave them a list when I leave for work and it is mostly done when I get home.)

1. She Speaks pre-conference prep work.
2. Publish my eBook. (I intentionally took this goal off the list. I decided to slow down and learn more about self-publishing before I jump in blind. Look for this goal to reappear toward the end of the year!)

August Goals

I know August will be busy. School starts and back to school madness will consume us this month. We prepared by going through Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings as a family. The girls have an evening and morning routine mapped out. I simplified my goals this month. Limit your focus to keep your sanity!

1.  Memorize 2 new verses; review previous verses.
2.  Sleep 7 hours a night; turn screens off by 8 pm.
3.  Exercise 3-4 x week.
4.  Read 2 books.

1. Weekly movie night; monthly date night or get-away.
2. 1:1 time with each daughter.
3. Read aloud 1-2 book with the girls.

1. Declutter 365 challenges.

1. Complete requested guest posts.

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