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Simple Christmas

The Christmas season is here!  My natural tendency is to begin the rush.  Pull out the ornaments.  Hang the stockings.  Turn on the oven.  Start the Cyber Monday searches.  These things are not Christmas.  We know that in our head; has that truth made it to our heart?

I have been bombarded with one thought in the days leading up to this Advent season:  slow down. I heard it in my ear buds.  I read it in my quiet time.  My husband declared “serenity now” over our holiday travels.  It came again during the sermon Sunday morning.  God has invited me to slow down this Christmas.

What is the purpose of the slow down?  It is to remember the Christ child.  Remember the sacrifice.  Get real about the condition of my heart.  Embrace hope.  Slowing down brings me to the manger to sit in awe of the perishable clothed with imperishable (1 Corinthians 15:54).

I made a list of 5 things I will do this month to slow down.

  1. Follow “O Come, Let Us Adore Him” at She Reads Truth.
  2. Read An Angel’s Story aloud to my girls.
  3. Only put out the decorations that we love.
  4. Find ways to give the people I love time over gifts.
  5. Ask my family what traditions they treasure and do away with the rest.

How about you?  Are you ready for a slow, intentional journey to the manger?  What will you do to slow down this year?




  1. This has been the first year I have had similar thoughts. Although – we will be putting out everything Christmas or red or green in our house. Not due to my design, but my tender-hearted little guy who loves everything Christmas and woke up this morning asking if we could put the tree up before school. But I do intend to deliberately enjoy this season differently this year, and I feel led to make sure my boys do too. Thank you for the encouragement!!

    • I was surprised that David wanted to pull more out than me this year. There is a balance in slowing down and enjoying the season. Enjoy the red and green with your family!

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