Summer Memories that Make Me Smile

Summer Memories that Make Me Smile

We are in the sunset of our summer break. I get a little reflective during a sunset. It’s the perfect time to look back and remember what went right, and find joy tucked in unusual places.

This summer doesn’t have charts and schedules like usual. I chillaxed, as the cool kids (used to) say. The girls have a few chores each day, and they get to spend the rest of the time doing what they want. We took a few trips, went to the pool and the library. Most days we do nothing. It is glorious!

My girls are now chomping at the bits to get back to school. They said they are tired of having nothing to do. In their child-like way, they expressed dissatisfaction with being non-productive. #missionaccomplished.

Summer Memories

I am a little sad to see this summer break end. I enjoy the easy way we start our days, the no-pressure, no-frills non-schedule we keep. I cherish the time spent reading in the shade and watching sisters giggle over inside jokes. School must start. I, too, am ready for some structure and routine. As we say farewell to our lazy summer, I will take these summer smiles with me.


Summer Memories that Make Me Smile

Summer Memories

Summer kicked off with two of my favorite people. I met two Texas friends, Andrea and Terri, at the half-way point, which happens to be the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I sat with Jesus every morning on the beach and spent the days and nights writing alongside two godly women. We all left so refreshed. Kindred friendships make me smile. 


Summer Memories

Somewhere in the transition of motherhood, I stopped doing fun things. I was content to watch other people have fun while I held my babies safely on the shore. This summer, I jumped onto an inner tube and got flopped around to the point of nearly losing my swim bottoms. It was awesome! Reawakening my adventurous side makes me smile. 


K-LOVE Fan Awards

I took another brave step by agreeing to cover the K-LOVE Fan Awards for Hollywood Jesus. The opportunity presented itself, and I jumped before I could talk myself out of it. My photographer friend Kim came along for some much-needed support. Sitting in a press room, and shouting questions at Christian artists was surreal. I felt very out of place when it started, but found myself feeling right at home by the end. Doing something brave makes me smile. 


Summer Memories

Since I lost my job, we are smack-dab in the middle of a financial dessert. God is faithful to provide bountiful blessings, even in the dessert. Friends invited us down for a week at the beach, a luxury we wouldn’t have managed without them. We spent a week reconnecting. The water was beautiful, the sand was white, and the seafood was delicious. Resting in God’s provisions makes me smile. (I also did my first Facebook Live from the beach! Check it out here.)


Summer Memories

I love leading a small group. It makes me smile. This summer’s study was just what I needed. We went through Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe: Making Room for Sabbath. Priscilla’s teaching and the accompanying homework breathed life into some dead places. It helped me see my shallow faith, my tendency to try to control, and my need to rest in my Savior. Discovering sabbath margin makes me smile. 


I don’t intend to let these smiles fade with the sunset of summer. I take a lesson from each memory.

  • Friendships are precious and deserve the time needed to cultivate them.
  • It’s okay for mama to have fun.
  • I am capable of doing new and scary things.
  • I can be confident that God will provide for our every need.
  • Sabbath margin is worth the fight it takes to find it.

When you consider the joy tucked in the folds of your summer memories, look for the life lessons you can take with you. No smile is wasted!

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  1. Aww Kelly, your fives made me smile. It sounds as though you and your family had a beautiful and restful summer … enjoy it! Too soon these memories fade away and children no longer to parents for confirmation and joy.

  2. These are GREAT…I so wish your beaches and my beaches were MUCH closer together. AND I am still a wee bit envious of your weekend away with the girls. 🙂

  3. That was the best weekend!! I love seeing your smiles, figuratively and literally. Thank you for sharing this post and allowing me to be a small part of what brings you joy.

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