Survey Says

Friday Fun

Way back in the early 2000’s, back when I first joined Facebook (what did I do with my free time before then?!), surveys were a big deal. Remember answering all kinds of random questions, posting them in your notes, and tagging friends? So fun! So when I found a survey on Flower Patch Farm Girl, I just had to play along! You know what they say about imitation and flattery.

Reading…The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. Rocking my prayer theology. Also The Fringe Hours again for an online book study. Do I even need a reason to read it again?!


Barrett outside

Playing…in the dirt with the baby. He loves nothing better than “sigh” (which is toddler for “outside”) where he will walk around aimlessly and find dirt to put on himself and his clothes. Boys will be boys!

Watching…we are 5 episodes from the end Breaking Bad. Stop! Don’t tell me how it all ends! I have never wanted a main character to get what’s coming to him as bad as I do right now.

Trying…to figure out the chore/allowance/wages/clean because you are thankful for room and board balance. Any tips?

Cooking…Orzo Chicken Soup. Fresh and springy!

Eating…too much Easter candy. Reeses Pieces Eggs are addictive! And half price! Don’t even try Target. I got them all.


Drinking…out of a happy new mug from Kimberly Widmer!

Calling…the school to work out some kinks for middle school registration. Wait! I have a middle schooler?!

Texting….not very often as my daughter is ever on my phone texting with a friend. They are writing a story together, taking turns crafting paragraphs to move the plot along. It is precious. And also annoying when I need my phone. Holding strong on the “no phones for kids” thing. For now.

Pinning…my own stuff (blush). I am building a MrsDisciple board.


Tweeting…the #allofgrace chat on Sunday nights makes my brain work a little (a lot) and I like that. Thanks for hosting, CS Lewis!

Crafting…there is an old window in the basement begging for new paint so it can take its place above my fireplace. Maybe this week…

Doing…the Step + Muscle Works class on Tuesdays. It’s a love-hate thing.

Going…to the beach with David! He has a conference and I will have the days to myself! I can not get un-giddy about this.

Loving…my small group. They have become my dream team. Can we stay together forever?

Hating…clothes on the bathroom floor. Every day. For the love of Tide! The laundry shoot is right there!

Though the big tree sould not blossom , (1)

Discovering…a few new things about graphics thanks to Crystal Stine’s Creative Basics.

Enjoying…a long talk with good friends. Heart and soul on the table alongside my coffee and my dancing toddler. The highlight of my week. Maybe minus the table dancing toddler.

Hoping…I remember the presence of Christ during the day. I feel the drift as soon as the chaos hits. Hold me close, Jesus.

Celebrating…my mom’s birthday! And my husband’s birthday in a few days, too! And then my first born in a few weeks! Serious cookie cake baking going on around here.

Smelling…nothing. And I resolve to fix that! What is your favorite candle? I am on the hunt for a new one.

Thank You Mom

Thanking…my mom. Because it’s her birthday. And because she agreed to watch the kids so I can go to the beach.

Considering…Compel. I love what online community adds to my life.

Finishing…my endorsement for Jen Hatmaker’s soon to be released For the Love. So good! What a blessing to be on that launch team!

Starting…absolutely nothing. If I start something new, that means I need to put something down. And I am pretty content with it all right now.

That was fun! How about you? What are you up to these days?


  1. Chirp chirp, from a fellow FTL launcher! You’re funny and now I want a cookie cake. I’ve never hosted a linkup on my blog, but I’ve done a couple. Seems like a good one to do!

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