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Forty Favorite Things (A 40th Birthday Indulgence)

For my son’s first birthday, I made one of those cute posters of his accomplishments and favorites. It included things like saying da-da, playing ball, and all things trains. Today is my day to make my own birthday “poster.” As a writer/blogger, I have this little space to mark my own progress and promote my favorite things. It’s a bit indulgent, but forty seems like a [Read more...]

Most Popular Posts of 2016

The end of the year is a time for reflection and review. I think we can all agree, 2016 wasn’t all that great. A review of the top news stories reveals all bad news, led by the election. Selective amnesia, anyone? With all the bad, 2016 had its high moments. The world celebrated together in Rio. Dory found her parents. Alabama won the National Championship. And who can forget Chewbacca Mom? [Read more...]

Blowing Out the Birthday Candles: 39 Wishes

Birthdays naturally lead to introspection and projection. We look back on the years gone by and marinate in feelings of gratitude and/or regret. Maybe a dream or two comes into view as the lights from the birthday candles reflect in hopeful eyes. The big ones invite a different kind of personal insight. Eighteen brings big ideas about adulthood. Twenty-one allows new-found freedoms to [Read more...]

Reasons We Want to Relive a Day and What to Do About it Today

My kids help me stay up-to-date with what the cool kids have on their playlist these days. One of the songs they introduced me to is twenty one pilots’ “Stressed Out.” It’s a bit of a whiny song for this up-and-coming generation, but one of the lines stuck with me. Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days, When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re [Read more...]

The Me I Want to Be and the Me I Am

There is so much talk this time of year about becoming your best self. We set our sights on words like thin, organized, and disciplined. It’s enough to make a soul feel dejected and discouraged. Consider this thought: there are great adjectives that describe you right now. Let’s not get so focused on the person we want to be tomorrow that we miss the beauty of who we are today. For [Read more...]

My Five Goals for the New Year

This is the post that almost didn’t get written. How’s that for starting the New Year off with a bang? It is almost 2016 as I write this. The Crimson Tide is rolling on the TV. There a few giggling sleepover girls in my bed watching Rhett and Link. And I am tasked with putting my 2016 goals in written form before morning. Y’all. I’m tired. I am ending 2015 tired. I stay [Read more...]

4 Important Lessons from My Ambitious 2015 Goals

I set goals every year. This is the first year I shared them publicly. I chronicled my progress every month, the highs and the lows. I’d rather not do this run down of my ambitious list of goals for 2015. It always feels better to share huge successes than epic failure. But, here it is, along with a few things I learned about setting goals this year. First, a quick rundown of my December [Read more...]

Five Hopes for a Promising New Year

The last few weeks of the year I am drawn to reflection and projection. I look back on all the last twelve months held and dream big about the next twelve. Before I start making lists of all I will do, I want to consider all that I hope for the new year. Five Hopes for a Promising New Year Hope for Big Faith I believe God. I really do. I believe He can do big things, things that absolutely blow [Read more...]

Finishing 2015 Goals

This is it, y’all! I am finishing 2015 goals this month! I will do a short wrap-up at the end of the year. I don’t want to; I didn’t do more than I did. However, I am confident that I accomplished more this year with my goals than I would have without them. Looking back over my goals, I found there are a few things I either forgot I wanted or lost focus. Knowing that I had to [Read more...]

Goal Setting: Keep it Simple

I am nearing the finish line. I can feel the burn in my legs and the sharp cut of cold air as it rushes in my lungs. I started this race strong, full of determination and grit. With a few stumbles along the way, injury and discouragement threaten to slow me down. I will finish this race! Goal setting is easy. Reaching goals is monumentally hard. I started the year off with some ambitious goals. I [Read more...]