Bible study

Finding Comfort and Strength in the Names of God

When your last name is Smith, there is a lot of pressure to pick a good first name for your kid. Common names like John or Mary result in complete anonymity. John Smith? There are a blue million of them (no offense to any John Smith’s out there). With each of our three children, we struggled to find just the right name to go with their common surname. It was late into each pregnancy before [Read more...]

What is the Secret to Reading My Bible More?

So you decided to read the Bible more—now what? There are a lot of words between the covers of that holy book. Where do you start? The things in there can be so hard to understand. It can be downright intimidating. You may hear others talk about reading the Bible every day and wonder how in the world they pull it off. What is the secret to reading the Bible more? I am one of those daily [Read more...]

18 Helpful Goal Setting Resources for an Amazing Year

Christmas is over. It’s time for countdown lists of the top this and best that. It’s time to look back at our own year and evaluate. What do you feel when you look back? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? Regretful at the time lost? There is value in looking back, in learning from yesterday’s successes and failures. However, don’t spend too much time on the past. [Read more...]

The Word Became Flesh

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” ~John 1:14 ESV One of my favorite movies of all time is Sleepless in Seattle. Sam Baldwin is a widowed father whose eight-year-old son calls a radio talk show on his behalf on Christmas Eve. Annie Reed is listening. Hearing about the deep love Sam had for his wife stirs her heart. Annie sends Sam a letter, asking him to meet her on top of the [Read more...]

Four Reasons to Write What Has Already Been Written

A few days after I carefully crafted and published my very first blog post, I sat down to read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine. My stomach sank as I read her wise, published, people-pay-for-this words. My post mirrored so much of what she said in that book. We even used the same running analogy, the detail so similar I was afraid I would be nabbed for plagiarism. The clouds of doubt [Read more...]

5 Steps to Help You Take God With You When You Leave the Table

I am so proud and blessed to be a part of The Glorious Table. If you have not previously visited, today is the day! While you are there, be sure to sign up to receive posts in your inbox. Each day, lovely writers share lovely words meant to encourage you and cover you with grace. Today, I share mine. The morning is quiet and the coffee is hot. I sit in my favorite chair with my worn leather Bible [Read more...]

Leah the Unloved Wife

Leah the Unloved Wife is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife Light began to peek through the seams of the tent. Morning was inevitable. Leah knew Laban’s charade would soon come to a heartbreaking end. She drew the blanket close to her chin, savoring the warmth and misdirected love of her husband, Jacob. As soon as the light from the sun hit her homely face, her heart would [Read more...]

Treasure Map to Wisdom

Treasure Map to Wisdom is part of an open letter to my children. When I was a little girl, the idea of a treasure map excited me. My friends and I went so far as to create a treasure map to follow. We drew it out and then distressed the paper by crumpling it and tearing the edges to make it look legit. The map had landmarks drawn out in Crayola. The big tree by the driveway. The pump house out [Read more...]

Abigail: The Wife of a Fool

On his best day, a husband is a night in shining armor. He sweeps you off your feet with flowers, dinner, and sweet talk about how you complete him. You end the night cuddling by candle light, so glad you married such a dear. Then there are the not-so-good days. Like that time he gave you tips on loading the dishwasher–the one he loads twice a month while complaining. Or that time he played [Read more...]

The Day the Sun Didn’t Work

It was now about the sixth hour, and there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour, while the sun’s light failed. Luke 23:44-45 (emphasis added) Few things on this earth are certain. Gravity. Boiling point. Sunrises and sunsets. The list of uncertainty is unending. Marriage. A heartbeat. Trust. Interest rates. Even the earth itself can shake, crack, and slide leaving [Read more...]