Bible study

Give Us Barabbas

“Whom do you want me to release for you: Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ?” Matthew 27:17 I haven’t been to an Easter play in a long time but I remember the reenactments well. Men in bathrobes with eye liner beards yelling at Pilate, “Crucify him!” and, “Give us Barabbas!” There is a lot of emotion in those dramatic moments, highlighted with stage [Read more...]

The Fringe Hours FREE Online Book Study

I had the honor of serving on the launch team for Jessica Turner’s new book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You. I shared with you last month how very revolutionary this book was in my life. It shook the foundations of guilt that I constructed through most of my adult life that busy = godly. I was released to enjoy down time, whether that is 5 minutes between the laundry and dishes or [Read more...]

Rahab, Wife With a Past

Rahab, Wife With a Past is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife. I love a good heroine. I gobble up books with strong female leads. I also love stories of redemption, second chances, and true love. In the book of Joshua, we get all of that in the story of Rahab, the wife with a past. We meet Rahab in Joshua 2 as the children of Israel position themselves to take the Promised Land. [Read more...]

Help Setting Goals

Despite my degree in Occupational Therapy, I am in no way an expert on goal setting for life.  I have found some excellent resources to help me with my grand plan for 2015 and, of course, I want to share them with you.  Pick a few to read or review, print a few of the printables, and have a blessed 2015! Books to Read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode (Crystal Paine) is one of my top 2014 reads. It [Read more...]

Respond to the Word of God

Respond to the Word of God is part of the Mrs. Disciple 101 series. If you have kids, you know this scene.  Child, totally engrossed in an activity of choice.  Dinner is ready.  “Child, please wash your hands and come to the table.”  “Yes, mam” (on a good day I get the “mam”).  Sit at table.  Where is child?  Child is still engrossed in activity of [Read more...]

How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible is part of the Mrs. Disciple 101 series. My sweet little baby turned one last week.  Here he is…..   Isn’t he cute?  This first week of toddlerhood, he began to do some of the things I am routinely training him to do.  For example, I hoisted him up to the sink (no small job with this chunky monkey!) to wash hands.  He reached out for the soap for the [Read more...]