Finding Comfort and Strength in the Names of God

When your last name is Smith, there is a lot of pressure to pick a good first name for your kid. Common names like John or Mary result in complete anonymity. John Smith? There are a blue million of them (no offense to any John Smith’s out there). With each of our three children, we struggled to find just the right name to go with their common surname. It was late into each pregnancy before [Read more...]

When You Want to Quit

Discouragement gathers like storm clouds on the horizon. When the early morning sun breaks through the slits in the blinds, I fight the desire to bury myself deeper under the covers. I am exhausted and spent. I have little to show for my pursuit of God’s call on my life except dark circles under my eyes and a pile of neglected laundry in the corner of my room. I am on the lookout for big [Read more...]

How Do God-Sized Dreams Become Reality?

“One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one’s capacity. “ ~Pierre Auguste Renoir I am an absolute chicken. I am not one to take risks. I don’t wear trendy patterned fabrics. I eat vanilla ice cream. I have no desire to try “dangerous” sports like wakeboarding or skydiving. I like comfortable and certain. There is, however, a dreamer in me who thinks about big, new [Read more...]