God Will Heal the Broken Places

We all experience things in our youth that shape us and change us. Some change us for the better, and some leave deep wounds on our soul. There is value in revisiting our past to examine those trying times. Liz Jones explores hurts she experienced at sixteen. It affected her, but she didn’t let it scar her. God heals brokenness. This is a letter to her sixteen-year-old self. Dear Liz, [Read more...]

Before Mom’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

I am so pleased to introduce you to Lauren Flake of Love of Dixie. Lauren and I met through the For the Love Launch Team. We’ve maintained an e-relationship over the months. She is one of my girls. She challenges and encourages me week after week. And she is such a good writer, pouring words from her heart. Dear Lauren, age 22, You are graduating from college, idealistic and naive, and [Read more...]