4 Important Lessons from My Ambitious 2015 Goals

I set goals every year. This is the first year I shared them publicly. I chronicled my progress every month, the highs and the lows. I’d rather not do this run down of my ambitious list of goals for 2015. It always feels better to share huge successes than epic failure. But, here it is, along with a few things I learned about setting goals this year. First, a quick rundown of my December [Read more...]

Five Dinner Guests

The fourth Thursday in November will find many of us gathered around tables, passing turkey and green bean casserole. We will sit on soft couches to talk as we sip coffee and eat (another) piece of pie. Gathering around tables to break bread together creates an atmosphere of intimacy.     In the spirit of this month of gathering and feasting, today’s #FridayFive is an imaginary [Read more...]

A Redneck in Jen Hatmaker’s Yard

I am allergic to emotions. As soon as I feel a strong emotion, my neck turns splotchy red. I feel it creeping up from the edges of my shirt and I can’t stop it. Anger, joy, embarrassment, excitement. Good emotions, bad emotions. My red neck does not differentiate. I can be in complete control, and still my neck splotches red. It makes me special. My co-workers know it. Recently, when [Read more...]

For the Love: An Experiment in Authenticity

Several months ago, I opened a book that ushered a new grace into my life. Sprinkled in between some of the funniest writing I have read in ages were these deep, challenging truths that made me feel known and understood. People crave what they have always craved: to be known and loved, to belong somewhere. (Jen Hatmaker) Jen Hatmaker wrote a book when she typed out the words that became For the [Read more...]

Five Soul Fillers

In the early days of motherhood, I didn’t think much about the gas tank of my soul. I gave a lot and then wondered why I felt empty all the time. After reading Jessica Turner’s The Fringe Hours, my eyes were opened to the great need to gauge my soul’s tank. Giving too much without taking the time to refuel leaves me tired, frustrated, and sometimes just plain ugly. For [Read more...]

The Price of Friendship

The price of friendship is the total surrender of yourself; no lesser kindness, no ordinary attentions and offerings will buy it. Henry David Thoreau When my daughter was in 1st grade, she would come home and declare she had a new best friend about once a month. I would ask for the details and she would report, “I met her today and now we are best friends.” If only it were that easy. [Read more...]

Wisdom Saves the Day!

Every good story has a bad guy and a hero. The badder the guy and the gooder the hero, the better the story. We can get lost in the action of good versus evil. A good sword fight is thrilling as we see the hero dominate with acrobatics and a shining blade. Girl dramas pit the popular mean girl against the quiet good girl. We love to see that mean girl get what is coming to her at the homecoming [Read more...]

Building Community

Building Community is part of an ongoing series, Mrs. Disciple 101. The disciples formed the original small group. They walked with Jesus, learning His ways and His words. They ate together, ministered together, and supported one another through thick and thin. They argued about who was greatest, fished from the same boat, and hid in the upper room together after Jesus’ death. All the [Read more...]

The Text Every Woman Wants to Get

It was a small thing, really. Two text messages in succession on a Saturday morning. It made me pause and wipe my eye before the hastily applied eye make-up made a B line for my cheek. They were two little gold iNuggets hiding in the silt of life gleaming with the brightness of friendship. I received two requests to “save me a seat” that morning. We mamas were trying desperately to [Read more...]