Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments that Matter {Giveaway!}

Last week, my kids were out of school for spring break. I probably saw them less last week than any in our recent history. Between a wonky work schedule, evening activities, and wonderful grandparents, I essentially missed an entire week of their life. When I planned it all out, it didn’t seem so bad. When I lived it, it was quite sad. After a week of rushing and missing life, I realized [Read more...]

Fighting Fear with Truth

I had the obligatory baseline mammogram earlier this month. I am still waiting for the results. It involved getting some records from my last mammo so I have to wait a little longer than usual. The waiting is hard, even though I have no reason to suspect bad news. If we women are honest, fear plays with our emotions when we saddle up to that big machine. We worry the next suspicious mammogram [Read more...]

Five Favorite Date Nights

My first date with David didn’t even start out as a date. We went to a movie as friends, just as we had countless times before. Then, in a field under the stars, he asked me if I would be more than a friend. My answer, “Yes! If you hadn’t said something tonight, I would have!” We decided to get married on our second date. It was a double date and our friend said, “I [Read more...]

For the Love: An Experiment in Authenticity

Several months ago, I opened a book that ushered a new grace into my life. Sprinkled in between some of the funniest writing I have read in ages were these deep, challenging truths that made me feel known and understood. People crave what they have always craved: to be known and loved, to belong somewhere. (Jen Hatmaker) Jen Hatmaker wrote a book when she typed out the words that became For the [Read more...]

How The Fringe Hours Changed My Life

This book releases today. You can win your very own copy! Find details below… I had the privilege to serve on the book launch team for Jessica Turner’s book, The Fringe Hours.  The subtitle is “Making Time for You.”  Before I even opened it, I had this idea that I might not gain much from reading it.  I did not see the need–much less have the time–for me to [Read more...]