I’m Going to the Dominican Republic!

Walking with you in the shadow of the cross is the thing that gets me out of bed before dawn. I most often write in the dark part of the morning, praying that the words here might propel you forward in the disciple’s journey. While my desire for this space is to encourage and equip you, I have a personal update and prayer request to share with you today about an upcoming mission trip. [Read more...]

The Pursuit of Holiness

Right about now, New Year’s resolutions and promises to make 2017 the year of [insert your word of the year here] are getting lost in the hurry and flurry of real life. Donuts at the office and pizza for dinner (again) weigh down our hopes of establishing healthy eating habits. Our promise to run every day? Chased off by the need to run errands instead.  Our read-through-the-Bible plan is [Read more...]

The Light of the World Brings Hope at Christmas

Don’t you just love this time of year? As soon as the turkey is cold, many people rush to the attic for the red and green boxes full of Christmas decorations. They tack lights to the eaves of their house and hang treasured ornaments on the branches of pine-scented trees. The smell of cinnamon and sugar plums rise from strategically placed candles. Ceramic Baby Jesus rests safely in an [Read more...]

Dear Daughter: Perfection Isn’t the Goal

Today, I share a daughter letter in Lauren Flake’s “Dear Daughter ” Letter series. Dear Daughter, You are a good child. Your heart wants to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing. When presented with two choices, you often think about the rules and the consequences and choose accordingly. You take pride in the straight line you walk, and I do, too. Mamas need a [Read more...]

On Love, Religion, and Falling Free

I am happily trapped in English literature these days. As I spend time with Jane Austen and her compatriots, the theme of love over money persists. Men and women of position and fortune are expected to marry position and fortune. To choose a spouse of lower standing for love is to do your family and yourself a disservice. The brave heroes and heroines in these novels faithfully follow the [Read more...]

Living in Fear of Bad Blood

I love to hear stories of generations past. Family reunions and holiday dinners give us an opportunity to meander down memory lane. Courageous war veterans, brave law enforcement officers, and strong women who beat the odds grace the pages of my family’s history books. Perhaps you have an album full of treasured photographs of family heroes and legends, the kind of people who shape history and [Read more...]

Can Quitting be a Good Thing?

For as long as I’ve been a mom, I wanted to be in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). I enjoy being a part of a community, and what better community to join than one that supports education. I have memories of my mom volunteering in my elementary school. She made copies for teachers and put bandages on boo-boos in the first aid room. I thought I could do some of the same for my [Read more...]

What I Want to Learn about Living the Life of a Disciple

The most basic definition of disciple is a learner.  As disciples, we learn as we follow someone who is a few steps ahead of us. Jesus’ twelve disciples learned as they walked with Him. Because I am a disciple of Christ, I learn from the life of Jesus as described in the gospels, and from those who follow Him. The (if)Equip’s latest study Woven is an in-depth look at discipleship. [Read more...]

What is the Christian’s Place in the Fight for Freedom?

A scan of news headlines has the potential to leave us shaking in our boots, or at least shaking our heads. Actual headlines from this week: Clinton gains ground over Trump in new poles Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law Clinton blames republican leaders for a ‘paralyzed’ Congress Pastor battles city over Jesus-related bus stop ads These headlines don’t include the [Read more...]

Give Me Jesus: Easy to Say, Harder to Live

Give me Jesus. Easy enough to say from my air-conditioned home in Alabama suburbia. Three healthy kids walk my halls. My husband of eighteen years shares my bed. My car cranks right up when I need to go to work. I walk fearlessly into my church every Sunday. In light of recent heart-breaking events, I have to wonder: would I be able to say “give me Jesus” if all of this were taken [Read more...]