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What I Know to Be True About Character

I have about thirty minutes to write about character today. Thirty minutes is roughly how long my son’s nap music lasts. He stopped napping last week. He climbed out of his baby bed during nap time. I heard a thump followed by, “I did it!” He was so proud, and I watched five to ten hours of sanity slip through my fingers. Since the great escape, I try to make him stay in his new [Read more...]

There’s No Such Thing as Just a Mom

I’m a nurse. I’m an accountant. I work in real estate. Around the room, women introduced themselves to our new small group. A tender-hearted woman with dark, sincere eyes stated her name and added, “I’m just a mom.” Her gaze shifted to the floor as if she belonged on the bottom rung of whatever ladder these introductions created. I wanted to stop everything, draw [Read more...]

What My Cluttered Closet Taught Me About My Heart

In an episode of Friends, super-organized Monica Gellar has a dirty secret in her hall closet. Chandler, desperate to see what she is hiding, takes the locked door off its hinges. It is full, top to bottom, of junk. When Monica walks in to see her exposed mess, she is mortified. “You know how I organize everything? Well, this is all the stuff that doesn’t fit in any category. So, you see, [Read more...]

Help! My Christian Kid Wants to Listen to Pop Music

We missed Miley’s rise and fall. We narrowly escaped Bieber Fever. My kids didn’t become Swifties or Directioners. Then, it finally happened. My middle schooler became a victim of pop music fandom for the first time. Our family keeps the radio tuned to our local Christian music station; we aren’t exposed to much pop music. My kids hear the latest songs at school and while [Read more...]

Click Here for Encouragement: 5 Links You Need to Visit

My goal is for MrsDisciple to be a valuable resource for Christ-followers to find encouragement for our many roles—disciple, wife, mother, and friend. For today’s #FridayFive, I collected five links that helped me in each of these areas over the past few weeks. I hope you find encouragement, hope, and maybe even a challenge to walk tall in your calling.   Freed from the Life [Read more...]

5 Ways to Send Scripture to School with Your Kids

In two landmark decisions in the early sixties, the Supreme Court declared school-sponsored prayer and Bible readings unconstitutional. For over fifty years, Christian parents have engaged in a battle to get the Bible in school. The issue cycles through the news and we get riled up. Sadly, these events come and go with little change in policy. See You at the Pole and Bring Your Bible to School [Read more...]

Give Your Kids a Morning Makeover

I love a good makeover show. A couple buys a run-down house with good “bones.” They gawk at the paneling and turn up their noses at the overgrown yard. The keys to the house go to a capable team of contractors and designers. By the end of the show, the couple stands slack-jawed during the big reveal of their new, old house. Changes that might take a do-it-yourself couple years to undertake [Read more...]

Eliminating the Dead Zone in Your Home with a Little Salt

I have a dual personality. Just call me “Two Face.” I am one person to my children and someone different with my spouse. When my sweet children wake, I meet them with hugs and back rubs. I ask them how they slept and if they had good dreams. I sometimes offer to fix them breakfast. I pour sugar all over our interactions. It doesn’t matter how many times I told them to get in the [Read more...]

Sometimes Grace Looks Like a Nap

Mothers, you probably know the scene well. Maybe you are here with me. A few busy summer days in a row and all of the kids and all of the parents are cranky. We say unkind things and react instead of respond. Before you know it, everyone’s crying in their salad. Sometimes, on these hard days, my two-year-old says through his tears, “time go night-night.” I couldn’t agree [Read more...]

The Importance of Establishing Family Traditions

On Friday night, my kids never ask what’s for dinner or what we are doing. Somewhere along our family’s history, Friday was dubbed Pizza Movie Night. Every Friday, with very few exceptions, we order pizza and all settle in on the brown sofa with some overflow onto the love seat. We pour our soda into cups, always with lids because clumsiness is wound tightly in my genes (and sticky runs deep [Read more...]