The Perks of Being 38

Birthdays, like New Year’s Day, are a prime time to assess one’s life. I process life with pen and paper. So, for my 38th birthday, I decided to make a list of things I have going for me. It is a good practice to be thankful on my birthday. Today’s #FridayFive is a birthday edition! I Have My Knees. I work in geriatric rehab. I am painfully aware of the fragility of one’s [Read more...]

Words to Live By

I love words. I love to read them, write them, and highlight them. I like to read a book with a pen and highlighter in hand so I can tactilely engage with the written word. When I capture a great string of words, I like to box them up like a pirate collecting booty. Today’s #FridayFive is a look into my treasure chest of quotes. I could flip through my favorite books and share so many [Read more...]

Five Fall Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That phrase may usher in the sound of jingling bells in your mind. I submit to you, the most wonderful time of the year is the fall.  The crispness in the air, the colors bursting from tree trunks, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. Ah! Give me a thermos of chai tea, a good book, and lock me out of the house! The changing of the season is [Read more...]

Climbing the Family Tree

Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation. Joel 1:3 Last Sunday was Grandparent’s Day. I missed it. Sometimes I stink at these Hallmark card moments. What can I do to make up for missing a chance to honor my generational heroes? I can write about them, of course! For most of my adult life, I have worked with older adults. [Read more...]

#FridayFive: Glimpses of Joy

Have you ever soared high on emotions while on a trip or conference only to come crashing down when you return to real life? That is how I landed after my trip to Austin last weekend. After enjoying the ultimate girls’ weekend, I came home to fever and sickness. Real life was a crash landing, all of the happy memories folding up like twisted metal upon impact. In the middle of the coughing [Read more...]

#FridayFive: Five Re-Reads

I am headed to Austin today to attend a party at Jen Hatmaker’s house this weekend. I wrote that all nonchalantly, but on the inside I am all “eeeeeeek!” I will join over 200 For the Love launch team members to celebrate the community created out of this book launch. Because I am going to my first book launch party, and because I love books, today’s #FridayFive is Five [Read more...]

For the Love of Five

Every once in a while, a book generates a lot of buzz. People start buying it, reading it, talking about it. In some cases, their lives are altered by the message it delivers. For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker is one of those books. It releases Tuesday, August 18. I have the privilege of serving on the launch team. For months, a group of 500 women [Read more...]

5 Favorite Podcasts

I like to do at least 2 things at once. It’s a sickness. I am aware. I fold and iron laundry while watching Downton. I call out multiplication facts while I cook dinner. I read a book on the elliptical (but not the treadmill because I’m graceful like that). I flip through magazines while I dry my hair (thank you, Jessica Turner!). For folks like me, the podcast is [Read more...]