Finding the Man of My Dreams

I played house a lot when I was a child. We had a square back porch just big enough to serve as the kitchen. Two patches of earth on either side served as the living quarters. The grass was worn away from the pounding of our feet making it easier for me to “sweep.” I gathered dark, black berries and leaves from the edge of the yard—most likely full of poison—that made the [Read more...]

Returning to the Adventure of Doing Life Together

After eighteen years of marriage, my husband and I have this thing figured out. We know who takes out the garbage, who pays the bills, and who gives the little one a bath on which night. He is a night owl and I am an early bird. He likes to brew coffee and I like to drink it. I know he hates to fold clothes and he knows I hate to scrub the shower. We make great roommates. Married people should be [Read more...]

Sharing Love = Sharing the Gospel

“Preach the gospel always, if necessary use words.”  ~St. Francis of Assisi I’m a therapist at a hospital. Recently, we had an irritable, uncooperative patient who was putting everyone on her floor on edge. She yelled at every staff member who came into her room. She not-so-politely asked me to leave and not return. At first, I thought of her as an inconvenience. When it was time for me to [Read more...]

Five Ways to Show a Stranger the Love of God

We encounter people every day who need love. It is through the expression of human love that we begin to relate to the love of God. [Anne] knew and cared nothing about God’s love, since she had never had it translated to her through the medium of human love. (Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables) Showing love to a spouse or a child can be easy when you know their love language. You [Read more...]

Five Reasons to Date Your Mate When It’s Cold at Home

Marriage has its seasons. In the spring, love is new and exciting. Summer brings fun and familiarity. Couples frequently bustle about in the busyness of autumn. Winter is the hardest season to endure. In the winter months of marriage, ice forms around one heart—or both. Conversation is stilted and business-like. Pointed questions receive harsh answers. Cuddles and kisses are replaced with [Read more...]

Love Keeps a Record of Rights

We recently had a long run of viruses in our home. All is good until Mama gets sick. I went down on a Monday about the same time the kids got home from school. I stayed in the bed until lunch the next day. Mamas don’t often get a true sick day. We work our mama job through the coughing, sniffling, and fever. My husband kicked it into high gear for this one. He took care of dinner, baths, and [Read more...]

Parenting a Middle Schooler with Love

This morning, I sent my daughter off to middle school with a prayer and a kiss on her head. In the past 45 minutes, we laughed, hugged, fussed, apologized, and fussed again. This is a microcosm of our days. She is snuggly and gentle one minute, barking out demands the next. I am patient and engaged, and then quickly become annoyed and frustrated. Middle school parenting is not for the faint at [Read more...]

You Are Worthy of Big Love

Today we get to peek inside Annisa Swanson’s book, Faith, Fat, and Other F-words. She writes a letter of encouragement to love well and be loved well in return. It could be personalized to each one of us. Welcome, Annisa! I posed a question to a circle of friends, “If you could go back and tell your 17-year-old-self, one thing, what would it be?” The responses vary from the somewhat [Read more...]

Know Your Worth

I would like to introduce you to my friend, Brianna. We met around a table in Austin. In our very first conversation, Brianna opened up easily with passion and tears. She is serious about sharing the justice, love, and mercy found in the Gospel. Her heart is so big it leaks out of her eyes. I love that about her. Thank you for sharing your big heart with us, Brianna!  Mature. Develop. Adjust. [Read more...]

The Beautiful Mess of Serving Others

How is your week going? Have you been busy? Stressed? A little overwhelmed? Me, too. We had a visitor this week. The stomach bug came calling on a few family members. It visited my toddler in the night. I didn’t discover it until the early morning when the smell nearly knocked me down. Laundry is bad. Vomit laundry is worse. Slept on vomit laundry is pure evil. It made me a little evil, [Read more...]