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Help! My Christian Kid Wants to Listen to Pop Music

We missed Miley’s rise and fall. We narrowly escaped Bieber Fever. My kids didn’t become Swifties or Directioners. Then, it finally happened. My middle schooler became a victim of pop music fandom for the first time. Our family keeps the radio tuned to our local Christian music station; we aren’t exposed to much pop music. My kids hear the latest songs at school and while [Read more...]

Click Here for Encouragement: 5 Links You Need to Visit

My goal is for MrsDisciple to be a valuable resource for Christ-followers to find encouragement for our many roles—disciple, wife, mother, and friend. For today’s #FridayFive, I collected five links that helped me in each of these areas over the past few weeks. I hope you find encouragement, hope, and maybe even a challenge to walk tall in your calling.   Freed from the Life [Read more...]

9 Books to Prepare You and Your Child for Middle School

My family embarked on the middle school adventure last year with some trepidation. We were already riding the emotional roller coaster of adolescence at home. I feared the prospect of adding middle school drama into the mix. Memories of my own sixth-grade awkwardness, self-doubt, and tumultuous friendships fed my apprehensions. My go-to anecdote for fear is knowledge. Instead of allowing myself [Read more...]

What the Bible Says About Standardized Tests

We are smack dab in the middle of standardized test season. I get an email every few days encouraging a healthy breakfast, early bedtimes, and practice tests at home. These days usually pass by the Smith household without much fanfare. I don’t make a big deal out of it and my kids treat it like an ordinary day. This year, however, one of my kids developed test anxiety. The night before her [Read more...]

5 Things That Will Make You Stop and Listen: Musings From A Middle School Field Trip

This week I went on a twelve-hour field trip with my sixth-grade daughter. Yes, twelve hours. With middle school kids. I chaperoned five girls. They talked. A lot. I tried to listen and pick up on trends in the hearts of girls that age. I heard a few things that encouraged me and a few things that discouraged me. I tucked all of it into my trunk of wisdom to help me be a more intentional parent. [Read more...]

Encourage Your Child to Do Hard Things

Independence is budding at my house like the bright, yellow jonquils in the front yard. I have a toddler and a tween. Both ages are often characterized by a desire for more independence while lacking the skills to pull it off. Just like those harbingers of springtime who warm in the promise of the sun and recoil from the remaining winter winds, my kids vacillate quickly between “I can” and [Read more...]

When You Want to Quit

Discouragement gathers like storm clouds on the horizon. When the early morning sun breaks through the slits in the blinds, I fight the desire to bury myself deeper under the covers. I am exhausted and spent. I have little to show for my pursuit of God’s call on my life except dark circles under my eyes and a pile of neglected laundry in the corner of my room. I am on the lookout for big [Read more...]

To the Mama Who Feels Like No One Listens

My kids don’t listen to me. Moms, you know the scene all too well. You give direction and instruction to your children from birth to graduation. You teach them how to wipe, how to put away their toys, and how to be respectful to adults. Day in and day out, gentle wisdom flows from your mouth like the soft waters of a babbling brook. You look at your precious little ones and not so little [Read more...]

Parenting a Middle Schooler with Love

This morning, I sent my daughter off to middle school with a prayer and a kiss on her head. In the past 45 minutes, we laughed, hugged, fussed, apologized, and fussed again. This is a microcosm of our days. She is snuggly and gentle one minute, barking out demands the next. I am patient and engaged, and then quickly become annoyed and frustrated. Middle school parenting is not for the faint at [Read more...]