4 Ways to Help Your Kids Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

I remember the year healthy living entered my awareness.  My junior year of high school, I found a lost pair of jeans and could not figure out how they shrunk while missing. I also noticed mysterious pink lines on my thighs. I experienced an adolescent triple threat: I stopped growing, I no longer had to take gym class at school, and with my new independent mobility in the form of a driver’s [Read more...]

My Goals for 2015

It is always interesting to hear and see what other people are doing.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Pinterest.  HGTV.  The Duggars.  Blogging.  We love social media and reality t.v.; it provides a glimpse into others’ lives.  Reminder:  we see what people want us to see.  I have to remember that comparison kills contentment! All of this “reality” is not all bad.  We can learn [Read more...]

Setting Goals for the New Year

As the red and green plastic boxes come back out of the basement to receive their precious cargo once again, I cannot help but look toward next week with anticipation.  I love new beginnings.  I look forward to January 1, the first of every month, Mondays, mornings–any chance to hit the reset button and look forward toward the possibilities.  I set goals at the beginning of every year.  [Read more...]


I turned 37 this year. How does it look today? Up at 4 to rock a fussy baby. Finished watching Parenthood on DVR. Weighed in (so, maybe I should keep counting calories every day). And instead of going back to sleep for an hour, I decided to stay up. To write. Because I think this is what I want to do when I grow up. And what better way to do it, well, than to do it. I am not at a bad place at 37. [Read more...]