Service: “Have To” or “Get To”?

I frequent a certain fast food chain and always order a number one with lemonade. It doesn’t matter who takes my order, the transaction always ends with, “It’s my pleasure.” The cashier always wears a smile, and I sense he or she truly enjoys serving me that chicken sandwich on a buttery bun. I encounter the same kind of smile at church. Mrs. Rita opens the door for my family almost every [Read more...]

Dear Mother, Do You Feel Like You Lost Yourself?

Dear Mother, Where did you go? And how do you find yourself again? Sometimes we lose ourselves somewhere between that first sighting of two pink lines and the car full of kids we now mother. The days of refereeing fights and scrubbing gum off the sofa seem to outnumber the days of harmonious zoo trips and picture-perfect picnics in the backyard. Our lists of responsibilities far outweigh the [Read more...]

How to Make Room for the Important

When I lay my head on my pillow at night, I rarely feel like I’ve finished everything on my to-do list. More often, I sing myself to sleep with the laundry list of the incomplete. Homework papers left unsigned, dishes left unwashed, and books left unread. Women have a jumble of demands pressing down on them all day, every day. With responsibilities dictating how we spend our time, the most [Read more...]

Looking for Lovely: Collecting the Moments that Matter {Giveaway!}

Last week, my kids were out of school for spring break. I probably saw them less last week than any in our recent history. Between a wonky work schedule, evening activities, and wonderful grandparents, I essentially missed an entire week of their life. When I planned it all out, it didn’t seem so bad. When I lived it, it was quite sad. After a week of rushing and missing life, I realized [Read more...]

Redefine Productivity By Making Room for Your Best Day, Every Day

Let me share my perfect day with you. I wake up feeling rested after a full night’s sleep. I saunter into the kitchen to find a pot of hot coffee waiting for me. I share a meaningful conversation with my husband about something other than the day’s schedule. I spend time reading the Bible, journaling, and praying. The quiet surrounds me and I find rest there. I cozy up to finish a novel, [Read more...]

5 Boundaries to Help You Break Busy

How many times have you answered the congenial greeting, “How are you?” with, “Crazy busy!”? Our days are filled with long lists of have to’s, want to’s and need to’s. Busy has become a status symbol proving our value and worth. If we stay busy then we must be important. I feel the stress of living on the hamster wheel of crazy busy. I remember one [Read more...]

My 10 Favorite Books of 2015

I read 48 books in 2015 and narrowed the list down to my 10 favorite books. After several years of neglecting one of my favorite hobbies, I set a goal to read at least 2 books a month in 2015. I started the year with a list of books. That list grew longer and longer. Several books from that list are going with me into 2016; there just wasn’t enough time for all of the words. I discovered [Read more...]

Teetering Between Anxiety and Adventure

This is a sentimental time of year for me. One year ago, on the morning of my 37th birthday, I wrote my very first blog post. I didn’t publish it. I just held it in storage as I worked my way through blogging tutorials trying to figure out the technical side of things. One year ago, I decided to be a writer. Or call myself a writer. Or write. I can’t quite figure out the semantics of [Read more...]

Mama Called in Sick: A Lesson About Guilt and Being Present

I took a sick day yesterday and fought off a fever, a cough and guilt. My list was long and I had no time to lay on the couch or prop my feet up. Clothes were piled high at the base of the washing machine. Beds laid unmade. The shelves of the refrigerator were bare; the pantry supplies, scarce. In the early hours of my morning, I wrestled with my planner. It begged to be filled with errands and [Read more...]

Five Soul Fillers

In the early days of motherhood, I didn’t think much about the gas tank of my soul. I gave a lot and then wondered why I felt empty all the time. After reading Jessica Turner’s The Fringe Hours, my eyes were opened to the great need to gauge my soul’s tank. Giving too much without taking the time to refuel leaves me tired, frustrated, and sometimes just plain ugly. For [Read more...]