Brandy’s Letter to Me

I would like to introduce you to my brave friend, Brandy Lidbeck of Sip of Brandy. Her Letter to Me comes from a unique place of healing after a tragic childhood of hurt. Thank you for sharing your heart, your healing, and a piece of your broken childhood with us.  To my 10-year-old self, I get it. I get the pain and devastation. I understand the betrayal and despair. The sadness and anger are [Read more...]

The Parable of the Dirty Dishes

There once was a woman in a nearby house who washed her dishes every day. She washed her dishes after breakfast. She washed them after lunch. She even washed them after dinner. Some meals produced only a few plates and cups. Then there were the big meals with pots and pans to scrub and fine china to hand wash. Day after day, meal after meal, the woman washed her dishes sparkling clean. She dried [Read more...]

Rahab, Wife With a Past

Rahab, Wife With a Past is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife. I love a good heroine. I gobble up books with strong female leads. I also love stories of redemption, second chances, and true love. In the book of Joshua, we get all of that in the story of Rahab, the wife with a past. We meet Rahab in Joshua 2 as the children of Israel position themselves to take the Promised Land. [Read more...]

Missions: Go or Give?

While blogging is new for me, writing is not. In 2011, I took my first mission trip.  I traveled with a group to Aflao, Ghana to teach pastors’ wives at a conference and do some medical missions. I have thoughts from that summer that I carry with me still. I wrote the following right before our church began a missions initiative. It tackles the question, “do I go or give?” [Read more...]

The Text Every Woman Wants to Get

It was a small thing, really. Two text messages in succession on a Saturday morning. It made me pause and wipe my eye before the hastily applied eye make-up made a B line for my cheek. They were two little gold iNuggets hiding in the silt of life gleaming with the brightness of friendship. I received two requests to “save me a seat” that morning. We mamas were trying desperately to [Read more...]

The Importance of Sunday Dinner

Her mouth drew tight as she eased back into her wheelchair. The blue vinyl creaked a little, just like her brittle bones as she transitioned back into sitting. Her face relaxed and she continued her stories about her husband. Gone for a few decades, yet, by the glint in her eye, it seemed as if he could be waiting for her in her hospital room. I hear a lot of stories about days gone by when I [Read more...]

That Time When I Fell In Love

There is great value in your love story. In the rush of life, it is easy to forget why you wanted to marry that man snoring sleeping beside you every night. Because it is the month of love and because I need this, I am remembering my love story today. On a hot Alabama July Sunday morning, with the sun broken by the stained glass, I made the decision to take my focus off the pursuit of [Read more...]

Prayers in Ghana

Yesterday I posted a journal entry from my first mission trip to Aflao, Ghana.  As I prepare for a Mrs Disciple 101 post on prayer, these journal pages seem fitting to share with you.   I am going back and inviting you along for the journey! August 3, 2011 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness.  We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us [Read more...]

Flashback to Ghana

While blogging is new for me, writing is not.  In 2011, I took my first mission trip.  I traveled with a group to Aflao, Ghana.  I looked through some notes today to prepare for a Mrs Disciple 101 post and found some great memories of God’s greatness and faithfulness.  I am going back and inviting you along for the journey! August 2, 2011 I returned from Ghana yesterday after 8 days [Read more...]

The King’s Crown

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, was a kingdom ruled by an average man. In his early years, he fought many battles bravely, winning the hand of a beautiful queen. Now, he woke every day and did the work of the king, nothing more, nothing less. All the while, his beautiful queen kept the castle running, trained the prince and princess in their royal roles, and planned extravagant [Read more...]