Chivalry and Respect for Women: The Better Way

While this election causes more contradiction than consent among conservatives, caustic comments caught on tape bring an important topic to the surface. What is the value of a woman? Is she something to ogle and grope or someone to value and protect? What is a man’s role in that protection? The man who hopes to earn our vote on November 8 has a recorded history of abusive language and abhorrent [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Proverbs Come Alive for Your Kids

“Mama, will you read Proverbs to us?” my daughter sweetly asked as she climbed onto her top bunk. We are working our way through Proverbs, one chapter at a time. I was oh-so-tired, but how do you refuse a child’s request for wisdom? So, I read the next chapter which included this passage: Mean-spirited slander is heartless; quiet discretion accompanies good sense. A gadabout [Read more...]

Help! My Christian Kid Wants to Listen to Pop Music

We missed Miley’s rise and fall. We narrowly escaped Bieber Fever. My kids didn’t become Swifties or Directioners. Then, it finally happened. My middle schooler became a victim of pop music fandom for the first time. Our family keeps the radio tuned to our local Christian music station; we aren’t exposed to much pop music. My kids hear the latest songs at school and while [Read more...]

5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts (Part 2)

Eighteen years ago, I said, “I do.” I walked down that aisle full of hopes and dreams. I have to say, every dream has come true. We have three beautiful children, a home, and careers. The very things I dreamed about on that hot August morning are the very things that pull at our love. The stress of raising children, paying a mortgage, and managing the demands at work threaten to [Read more...]

5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts (Part 1)

I celebrate eighteen years as a bride next week. Eighteen years of being Mrs. Smith. Walking down the aisle while completely in love was easy. Staying completely in love while walking in the middle of the muck—now that’s a different story. I asked the wise women in my life their secret to staying in love. Over 130 years of marriage are represented in this advice. Let’s grab a [Read more...]

8 Inspiring Links to Help Revive Your Writing

“Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” ~Ernest Hemmingway This time last year, I packed my bags and headed to North Carolina to attend She Speaks,  a writing conference hosted by Lysa TerKuerst and Proverbs 31. I left feeling as if I spent three days at a writing revival. (Read my recap here.) I’m staying home this year. And blogging in the summer can be like a hike in the [Read more...]

5 Things I Wish I Had Known

You don’t know what you don’t know. It is one of those statements that is so basic, yet so deep. When we enter into a new phase of life, we have expectations and are sometimes knocked down by our reality. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I’d known…”? Wisdom is underrated in the young. When I consider my not-so-great decisions, they are most [Read more...]

9 Books to Prepare You and Your Child for Middle School

My family embarked on the middle school adventure last year with some trepidation. We were already riding the emotional roller coaster of adolescence at home. I feared the prospect of adding middle school drama into the mix. Memories of my own sixth-grade awkwardness, self-doubt, and tumultuous friendships fed my apprehensions. My go-to anecdote for fear is knowledge. Instead of allowing myself [Read more...]

Why Today’s Mom Would Make a Great Founding Father

In anticipation of our country’s 240th birthday, I immersed myself in 1776 this week. I am working my way through David McCullough’s book, 1776, as well as the PBS series Liberty! The American Revolution. The events leading up to Continental Congress’ vote to declare independence from Britain are a mixture of intentional pursuit and seemingly haphazard events. Before the first [Read more...]

What is the Christian’s Place in the Fight for Freedom?

A scan of news headlines has the potential to leave us shaking in our boots, or at least shaking our heads. Actual headlines from this week: Clinton gains ground over Trump in new poles Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law Clinton blames republican leaders for a ‘paralyzed’ Congress Pastor battles city over Jesus-related bus stop ads These headlines don’t include the [Read more...]