Finding Comfort and Strength in the Names of God

When your last name is Smith, there is a lot of pressure to pick a good first name for your kid. Common names like John or Mary result in complete anonymity. John Smith? There are a blue million of them (no offense to any John Smith’s out there). With each of our three children, we struggled to find just the right name to go with their common surname. It was late into each pregnancy before [Read more...]

Treasure Your Redemption by Savoring the Senses

We all experience times when the five senses are sharp. In the fall, the smells of pumpkin pie spice and sage remind us of gratitude. The sting of the summer sun on our skin can take us back to a carefree childhood memory. Other times, the senses are dull. The rush of life can distract us from savoring the five senses God gave us to enjoy. Tragedy can rob food of its taste and erase the beauty of [Read more...]

Starstruck Love: Worship Jesus like a Toddler

It’s been a while since we’ve had a little one in the house at Christmas. Barrett turned two last week so this is the first Christmas he is aware of the holiday magic going on around him. It is fun to watch him experience Christmas for the first time. He squeals as we pass Christmas lights and points to every snowman he sees. It makes everything new again for me. He makes us laugh [Read more...]