The Birth of Hope

Jesus brings hope

The A newborn baby inspires hope. The earthy, metallic smell of birth mixes with the sweetness of Johnson & Johnson’s baby lotion. It reaches your heart through your nose. A smile tickles your lips just as you start to talk in a silly voice that you wouldn’t dare use in an adult conversation. Babies are a phenomenon of hope and expectation.

My sister recently gave birth to her first child, a precious little boy named Charlie. As I held Charlie for the first time, my heart began to fill with hope for my nephew.

I considered all the promising things in his life and how he would be shaped by them.

I hope the best for my precious nephew. He is set up for success. He is poised for a happy life.

Visiting another birth, we meet another baby boy. Jesus, the hope of the world. Continue reading at The Glorious Table.

The Glorious Table


Photo courtesy of Richard Taylor Campbell.