The Gift that Promises Forever

The Unexpected Gift that Promised Forever - The Gift of Jesus

It wasn’t the gift I expected, but it promised forever.

On our second Christmas as a couple, I held a secret wish in my heart as I sat beneath the Christmas tree. David and I planned to walk the aisle in August of the coming year. In my mind, Christmas seemed like the ideal time for the question and the ring.

I opened my gift, a rectangular-shaped box wrapped in thick red paper. Inside the box, a gold slide bracelet sat atop soft velvet lining. On any other day, my excitement would have been hard to contain. However, because of my deflated expectations, I forced a smile.

David proudly pointed out the merit of his well-intentioned gift. With each year, he could add a new slide to the bracelet. He spoke of birthstones for our yet-to-be-born children and gems to mark special occasions. While his gift was not the ring, it still spoke of his promise to me. I would be his forever. The bracelet represented our future together.

One week later, on New Year’s night, he knelt down in a lighted gazebo and asked for my forever. He slid a ring on my finger, symbolizing a promise fulfilled. My Christmas bracelet dangled from my wrist as I stared at the ring that made me his.

Jesus wasn’t the Messiah the Israelites expected. He wasn’t born in a palace with religious and ceremonial fanfare. Rather, he made his appearance in a stable with only the working class shepherds to witness his birth. He lacked royal parents, riches, and influence, offering humility, poverty, and service instead.

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  1. I have a few tears reading this tender post..what a most romantic pre engagement and New Year’s marriage proposal. I feel the roots if your love rooted in Christ..the savior no one expected woukd come as a servant! Beautiful!!!

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