Why Do Good People Die?

why do good people die

Sometimes I don’t understand God. I met a precious lady at a writers’ conference in July. She was beautiful with bright eyes that said, “I know Jesus.” I asked her about her writing. She shared about a book she started when she recovered from cancer six years ago. I affirmed her with high eyebrows and a bright smile. That is a great story.

My face melted into concern when she shared the second half of her cancer story. Just weeks before this conference, she was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. This is the cancer that will take her life. She knew it. I knew it. God knows it.

My new friend had settled into her call as a writer. She put pen to paper to glorify God and share the gospel through her story. She rolled up her sleeves and poured out her soul.

But death waits for her even still. Her beautiful life is shadowed by an early end.

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