Will the Uprooting Make You or Break You?

Will the Uprooting Make You or Break You- Move to a new city.

Transitions are hard. When everything is upside down, we tend to cling to the familiar for comfort. When you move to a new city, everything is unfamiliar, leaving very little to comfort you.

I found myself in this scenario exactly four years ago. It wasn’t as simple as saying goodbye to our dream house. We grew up in this endearing, small town. Both sides of our family lived nearby. My best friends from high school still lived in town. Their kids were my kids’ best friends. We were members of a life-giving church. Our small group was our second family. I had my life just like I liked it.

My husband prayerfully decided to accept a job that would rip me up by the roots. In the months leading up to our move, I grieved. I didn’t want to go. I packed boxes and mourned my old life.

Move to a New City: Moving Day

The first weeks in our new home were filled with the busy work of unpacking and learning how to navigate the big city. Once we were settled, I picked up my sorrows again and felt their weight heavy around my shoulders. I missed our family and friends. I missed connection. I missed the sense of belonging.

In those dark days of transition, God provided. He didn’t send it all at once but introduced each new blessing slowly like the portioned manna in the desert. As He provided, my brokenness was made whole.

Continue reading about the ways God provided after my uprooting on Our Moments Defined.


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In an uprooting, we can lose ourselves in the or allow God's provisions to propel us toward the


  1. You really spoke to my heart with this post. Our entire last year has been a transition year. My husband accepted a new job on July 23, 2015, which brought a move, new job for me, leaving our church, our neighbors (who were such great friends to us and our daughter), and we had known our entire marriage. We closed on a house that we consider our forever home (of course unless god has other plans) on July 15th of this year, and are finally starting to settle in a bit. Can’t wait to get back in the swing of things, and join you for Friday Fives again soon!!

  2. Our moving experience was similar in many ways. God sure knows how to stir our hearts doesn’t he?

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