5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts (Part 1)

5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts

I celebrate eighteen years as a bride next week. Eighteen years of being Mrs. Smith. Walking down the aisle while completely in love was easy. Staying completely in love while walking in the middle of the muck—now that’s a different story.

I asked the wise women in my life their secret to staying in love. Over 130 years of marriage are represented in this advice. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and listen as they whisper the secret to love that lasts.


Christ at the Center

The best way I’ve found to stay in love is to stay in Love—stay in Christ. Without Him in the center, we will drown in the waters of trying. Psalm 121:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” We’ve done marriage with Christ in the center and we’ve done it on our own. I highly discourage the latter. (Andrea Stunz)

It doesn’t matter the house you live in or car you drive. It doesn’t matter the vacations you take or your 401K totals, if you have no character you will not have a marriage that endures. When it comes to marriage, joy is preserved through investing in our humanity. Character and the character of Christ are indispensable ingredients to a marriage (and a love) that lasts. (Robin Lee)


5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts


One way that helps me stay in love when I don’t feel it is to continue to date my husband. In our almost twenty-eight years of marriage, we hold getting away for an evening, a day, a weekend, or a couple of weeks as a high priority. Yes, even when we aren’t feeling it. Getting away allows us to step out of our norm, out of our routine, out of our muck, and gain a refreshed perspective. You can’t see the beauty in the stained glass window when you’re too close. You have to step away to see the intended beauty. I think without our getaways and dates, our marriage would not have survived. That may not be the case but I hope we don’t find out. (Andrea Stunz)

Find something to do together. It may be hiking, dancing, going to hear live music, a breakfast date once a week, watching a meteor shower. Explore something new together. (Terri Fullerton)

Make a date night, and walk holding his hand. Follow him around the men’s clothing store. Share dessert. You might have to initiate it. (Robin Allen)


Deal with Conflict

You will handle conflict, trials, grief and tragedy differently. One of you wants to pray when the other wants to be numb for a while. One of you longs for conversations and the other may long to go running. A time may come for counseling or finding a couple of mentors to talk with together so that you both feel heard and understood. The sooner you do this, the better it will be for your family in the long run. If your spouse doesn’t want to go, go for yourself. (Terri Fullerton)

The most important things about staying in love with my spouse? Always keeping it real, honest and tangible. We must stay together and stay as one, so when our children and grandchildren look at us, they see us as a couple who love one another unconditionally, without regret or harm. Our marriage commitment will be our legacy. (Angie Dailey)


5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts

Don’t Follow Your Feelings

After thirty years of marriage, it wouldn’t be truthful to say I always feel in love. Some days the selfish me raises her ugly head, and I just want to be left alone. I get frustrated and can start focusing on the negatives in my mate which quickly takes the “in love” feelings and replaces them with the “out of love” feelings. The secret- it’s a simple truth. Decide. Love is a decision and so is staying in love. (Robin Allen)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said to myself, “Be like Nike.” “Just do it!” has been the mantra in many areas of my life. During seasons when love is definitely not a feeling in my marriage (and yes, this is a real thing), “Just do it!” comes in quite handy. (Andrea Stunz)



Pour your heart out to God. It helps me to pray out loud with no one else around. I talk, vent, and ask God to help me see my spouse as He does. I say almost every day, “Empty me of me and fill me with you.” (Terri Fullerton)

I pray for my husband. This one shift helped move me out of the “fix him” prayer habit and into the “work in us” prayer habit. I see the good faster. I say the grateful more often. I believe, even though we are miles away from the life of my dreams, we are on the right road together. I default to believing in us. (Robin Lee)

When I’m not feeling it, I pray and ask God to give me a new, fresh love—stronger than before—for my man. (Robin Allen)


Next week, I will share more wisdom from these sage brides. The secret to a love that lasts can’t be contained in five easy steps; not even two posts can give us a perfect formula. I see a common thread in their advice—intentionality and a focus on Christ. Let’s start working on those two things in our marriages in order to build a love that lasts.


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Andrea Stunz has been married to Tommy for almost twenty-eight years. She shares her wit and wisdom at Empty Plate Full Heart.

Angie and John Dailey said “I do” twenty-four years ago. She shares her journey at AngieDailey.com.

Robin Allen married Rex thirty years ago. Read more from Robin here.

Robin Lee met her husband Carl at the end of the aisle twenty years ago. Her wise words show up at Brighten a Corner and Robin’s Corner.

Terri Fullerton has been married to Doug for twenty-eight years. You can find her thoughtful insights here.

5 Wives Share the Secret to Love that Lasts

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  1. I love these (especially the one that says “Be Like Nike”! Kelly, I like the way that you were able to find common ground in the advice of 5 different women… makes me think ‘Hmmm, something to be noted here :-).’

  2. Fabulous. So much wisdom and beauty and keeeping on keeping on here.

  3. I’m always fascinated to learn more on keeping marriage strong and vital – we can’t just coast along, no matter how many years we’ve been together! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link-up! I agree, Christ at the center of marriage is so key!

  5. It is so wonderful to be able to read this good and wise advice on marriage! I’ve only been married for four months, so I really enjoy being able to learn from those who have been married longer than I have.

    • Congratulations! I learn so much from newlyweds, too! The way you swoon and assume the best… it inspires me to hit the “refresh” button in my heart!

      • Hi Kelly,

        I have tried to send you a message via your contact page about your recent review of Greater, which I directed. However, the site keeps telling me it is failing to send for some reason. Can you please advise or drop me a line via email?

        Thank you.

  6. So so good, and so true! Don’t follow your feelings may be the truest! How hard though, for us females! 😛

  7. Wisdom here! 5 excellent points. Thanks!

  8. Appreciate this post and the women that took time to write and contribute!

  9. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this!!! Being a newlywed, I am soaking up all the wise words from women that have years of “wifey” experience. Thank you for this. Also, somehow I’ve been missing your posts 🙁 I don’t know if it’s just due to me being super busy from the wedding/honeymoon or what but I realized today that I hadn’t read anything of your in a while. So now I’m playing catch up!!!

    • I’m so glad to hear from you, Keri! I’ve been thinking of your newly married self the last few weeks. Praying you and your husband are settling into your happily every after!

  10. LOVE THIS! Great and practical suggestions. Definitely sharing 🙂

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