The Word Became Flesh

The Glorious Table

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” ~John 1:14 ESV

One of my favorite movies of all time is Sleepless in Seattle. Sam Baldwin is a widowed father whose eight-year-old son calls a radio talk show on his behalf on Christmas Eve. Annie Reed is listening. Hearing about the deep love Sam had for his wife stirs her heart. Annie sends Sam a letter, asking him to meet her on top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day. Sam and Annie discover love in real life through words spoken on the radio and written in a letter.

Online dating is a modern day version of a Sleepless in Seattle romance. There is a hope that words exchanged online can lead to lasting love. I have a friend who met her husband online. They are deep in love and knee-deep in kids a decade after meeting in a chat room. Words led to love in real life.

Jesus is the ultimate example of words becoming love in real life. Continue reading at The Glorious Table.