You Are Priceless

You Are Priceless

We protect what costs us the most.

Consider a great piece of art like the Italian painter Caravaggio’s Conversion of Saint Paul. In this oil painting, light bursts through chaotic darkness and rests on a blinded Saul. It’s valued as high as $100 million and kept safely in a private collection. Jackson Pollock’s Number 5, an abstract with brown and yellow drips across a background of grays and blacks, sold for a record $140 million. Chances are, these multi-million-dollar works of art aren’t stacked in an attic or boxed in a garage.

Art collectors go to great lengths to keep their investments safe. Beginning with the framing, paintings are protected from UV light and moisture. Hardware requiring a special wrench is used to hang artwork to deter would-be thieves from an easy lift. Forward-looking infrared cameras scan the environment for variations in temperature to ensure proper insulation and potential hot spots. GPS trackers and motion-sensor alarms also protect against theft.

I don’t own anything that merits motion sensors or fancy wrenches. I do, however, appreciate the idea of protecting valuables. My wedding ring is insured. I keep special keepsakes up high, away from rowdy boys and their wildly thrown balls. We store family photos in photo boxes away from light and moisture. My priceless possessions are well-protected.

First Corinthians 6:20 reminds us we are “bought at a price” (NIV). Unlike a piece of art sold at auction to the highest bidder, our price was firmly established at the beginning of mankind.

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Photograph of One: Number 31, 1950 by Jackson Pollock © Bethany Beams, used with permission