Consider the Ways You Make Motherhood Beautiful

Consider the Ways You Make Motherhood

With mop in hand and the smell of pine stinging my nose, I watched the mail truck pull away. I knew what my deliverer put in the box.


The Mother Letters: Sharing the Laughter, Joy, Struggles, and Hope by Seth and Amber Haines.

I rubbed down my hardwoods quickly, giving a spray and a promise that next time I would take better care. I walked to the mailbox and pulled out the brown package, respite wrapped in cardboard.

I sat to read just a bit. After all, I anticipated this delivery for a very long time. I first heard of Seth collecting these letters from over 600 women in 2008. It was a gift for his young wife and the mother of his four boys.

I read Amber’s words of encouragement to create art.

In the image of our Creator, we mothers are artists, creating tiny people in our bodies and then gathering bits and pieces of anything on hand to keep them occupied. (Amber Haines, The Mother Letters)

I pushed through a few of the letters, eyelids growing heavy. I fought to hold them open so I could soak in the encouragement from these stranger-friends. I read Ann’s letter encouraging me to savor. I read Micha’s words reminding me I am loved.

And I gave in to the sleep. I let the weight of the nights of sleep interrupted by a crying toddler pull me under. The residual of the night I stayed up to help my daughter finish an assignment sunk down to the place where my back met the couch. I was covered by the fog of my perpetual early morning wake up calls—intended to make sure my kids woke to a mama who had been with Jesus while they dreamed.

I slept. Maybe ten minutes, maybe an hour. I’m not sure. But I awoke to this truth: I am a good mother. No matter what culture tells me. No matter what my own comparisons threaten to make me believe. I am doing okay.

Kelly and Barrett

You are, too, you know. You may not feel it today. Your throat may sting from a word spoken too loudly. Your bare feet may feel the collected crumbs of an unswept floor. You may feel the weight of your eyelashes as you push to get all the Bible stories read, all the bears tucked under their arms, and all of their heads kissed.

What I’m holding to is that it doesn’t matter if anyone else tells us we are good mothers; we need to say it to ourselves. (Grace Sandra, The Mother Letters)

In the minutes after my impromptu slumber, my heart held tightly to the beauty I bring to motherhood.

Consider the Ways You Make Motherhood Beautiful

I take my kids to Jesus every day. In prayer or in story, they are ushered into His presence. Sometimes they come kicking and screaming, but we all go together.

I love their dad. That, too, sometimes comes by way of kicking and screaming. But I don’t stop loving him, in part, because I know my kids need him.

I look at them. Not every day, but I try to most days. I see who they are and who they are becoming. I want to witness the metamorphosis from child to adult, to cheer as they push through the resistance in order to build strong wings for soaring.

I live my life. It’s not just for me that I stop to rest or write. I know my kids need a mother who is full and whole. The only way I can fill in the holes that life takes out of me is to rest at the feet of Jesus. I sit there and listen. I put pen to paper and find my way to okay again.

I sit with them. Maybe with pizza in hand while reruns from my childhood play on our television screen. Or maybe in the stands as they make a go at being an athlete. Even at the dinner table as they pick out the spinach and add more cheese. We sit together, mother and child. Us.

Consider the Ways You Make Motherhood Beautiful


The Mother Letters Giveaway

You are nailing this motherhood thing. Stop and consider all the ways you make motherhood beautiful. Write it down. Share it here. I will select one of you to receive this lovely collection of letters. The book is beautiful, and the truths are precious jewels of wisdom. US residents only. Entries end Monday, May 2 at midnight CST.

Now, go. Mother well, friend. It’s in you. You’ve got this.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of this book, but now I NEEEED it, of course!

  2. You are such a beautiful mom, Kelly. I love this post. It reminds me of so much of my earlier years as a mom. You are setting up the pins for your children to have a wonderful life. I’d love to read the book as well. Great giveaway!! Timely for sure. We moms need all the encouragement we can find. Thanks for hosting the link up!

  3. I thought toddlerhood was hard and at the time it was – physically very difficult to just keep up with three bodies who needed everything from me. Now with older kids (11,9,6) I am not so physically tired but emotionally exhausted! But I keep showing up, being brave, loving hard even when I don’t want to. I hope they eventually see the courage and strength in the showing up and the doing.

  4. Beautiful post, as always! All 5 of your ways speak to showing up. In a million little ways, you show up in the lives of your kids and your family. Every day, every week, every year. And so do I. Some days are harder than others, but we keep showing up. Some days, it ain’t necessarily pretty, but we show up. Showing up is how we are nailing motherhood.

    • Thank you! I love seeing the smiles on your girls’ faces in your family photos, Kelly. It speaks volumes of the showing up you have done over the years!

  5. You, Mrs. Disciple make motherhood beautiful by your words and your encouragement to fellow mothers on this journey. Thank you for putting pen to paper for us too. And yet another book I need!!!

  6. Just lovely, Kelly. Profound thoughts and eloquent words, as always!

    I am engaging my boy. He talks from sun up to sun down. He is smart and active and precious, and he is exhausting, but I am choosing to stay engaged. I am pushing through the mental fatigue that only a two year old can bring on, and I am answering his questions. I am explaining things that I know he can understand, even though my selfishness tells me to write it off with a two-word answer. I am honoring his innocence and his intelligence.

    Also, I am giving him pancakes for dinner, because Friday.

    • I am headed into the never-ending questions with my two-year-old. Tonight it was trying to explain why you can’t see thunder. You have encouraged me to stay engaged. Thank you, Courtney!

  7. Beautiful post!!! Keep up the great work being a good mama!!

  8. Wonderful to be back with you today, and such a lovely post you’ve written… “But I awoke to this truth: I am a good mother.” I just love that.

  9. This is absolutely beautiful and refreshingly honest, Kelly. I especially love the “I live my life” section. I’m trying not to lose myself in motherhood but rather to embrace it as just one, albeit important, part of me.

  10. THIS was beautiful. I need to read more honest and open posts like this.

  11. we are always a good mom when we love our kids. we should never compare ourselves as their journey is their journey and ours is ours. Be the best you can be… do what God asks of you. don’t compare.

  12. What a beautiful and heart-encouraging post! I need this book and God’s strength to keep looking forward!

    God bless you!

    Gina Weeks

  13. Like a lot of mums, I often wonder if I am doing ok. I loved the truth in the points you made and I thought to myself – I do those things! So maybe, I am doing ok after all :-).

  14. Happy Mother’s Day, Kelly! Just getting around to reading this and it’s perfect timing. I don’t often think of these things as my successes, but you’re right, they are so important. I’m really encouraged!

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